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Save Money With the 52 Week Savings Challenge

Hey! I just wanted to share an interesting challenge for saving money. It’s called the 52 Week Savings Challenge, and when done correctly, will save over $1300 by the end of one year.

What is the 52 Week Savings Challenge?

The rules are very simple: Once each week, you’re tasked with putting money away in savings. The dollar amount you put each week in will be equal to whichever week you are on, between 1 and 52. So on Week 1, you save $1. Week 2, you save $2. Week 10, $10 and so on, all the way up to week 52. At the end, you’ll have $1,378 saved. Not bad, huh?

The Reverse Challenge

One variation of the 52 Week Savings Challenge is the Reverse Challenge. Simply, start by saving $52 on Week 1,

9 ways you can enjoy Christmas without falling into debt

Today’s post is contributed by Amy Nickson, a passionate writer on finance. Amy is a professional blogger whom has started her own blog and also works as a contributor for the Oak View Law Group. Please share your opinions by commenting below.

As it is almost holiday time, you should be ready to fall into holiday debt like every year. Because, like every year, the season of fun and frolic will become too heavy on your wallet. And you will have to incur debt to meet the holiday expenses.

However, this year, you can make changes by not falling into Christmas debt.


By keeping your expenses low instead of putting a luxurious Christmas on your credit card. Because having a debt-free festive season is more joyful than drowning in debt.

Even if you have to strike out a few luxuries for this,

How to Save Hundreds Each Month by Meal Prepping

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that spending money at restaurants has always been something that I’ve struggled with. For me, it’s really a mixture of two things:

  1. I like going out to eat with friends and will rarely say no, and
  2. I often find myself feeling too lazy to cook.

But lately I’ve taken up meal prepping as a way to both save money and eat more healthily.

I want to share with you my 4 steps for mastering meal prepping. With preparing your meals in advance, you’ll save yourself time and money on food!

Also, I’ll let you in on a little secret: $5 Meal Plan is an awesome way to save yourself time from deciding what to cook each day (you’ll find more about it in section 2).

Learn How to Treat Yourself Once in a While!

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If you took a look at my monthly expenses, you’d see that I spend my money on a few things that aren’t entirely necessary.

I bet if you looked at your monthly bank statement, you’d see a couple of things that you could probably do without. But I want to tell you that random expenses can be a good thing (at times).

Now, I’m naturally a pretty frugal person. I’ve never really been one to spend money lavishly on things. I don’t really buy clothes or shoes (and if you saw how I dress, you wouldn’t be surprised. Jeans and a T-shirt, every day). I have my phone and my laptop, and a tv, but I’ve always generally been a tech person. Other than that, I don’t own much.

However, my one real vice is eating out at restaurants.

31 Frugal Habits to Live By That Will Help you Save Money

So, I enjoy saving money. For me, being frugal (not cheap, there’s a difference) is one of the cornerstones of good financial habits. Over the course of my financial life, I’ve had to learn to go from spending money recklessly in my younger years, to actually being wise with my money.

So, I’ve compiled a list of 31 best ways for to be frugal like me, and save money. These tips are really easy to implement, and you can start saving money quickly and easily by using them!

  1. Cook at home instead of buying lunch every day
  2. Add your savings to your budget
  3. Bargain/negotiate everything
  4. Turn off the lights when you’re away
  5. Meal prep for the entire week with $5 Meal Plan. $5 Meal Plan is a handy service created by Erin Chase and Jim Wang that prepares weekly meal plans for you for only 5 bucks a month.

6 Personal Finance Apps that will Make Your Life Easier

If you live in the present day, then you probably can’t go anywhere without your cell phone.

I know I sure can’t.

As such, it’s extremely helpful to have apps to manage my finances at my fingertips. So, I’ve gone ahead and put together this list of 6 personal finance apps that I use on a regular basis. These apps have been a huge help to me, and I hope they do the same for you.

1.) Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a free money management tool that will help you keep track of all of your finances in one place. This will come in handy when it comes time to start budgeting.

It’s super easy to use and I use it every single day to get a snapshot of my finances. You can see my full overview of Personal Capital here.

11 Money-Making Activities You can do in Your Spare Time

Note: You can also get this guide as a downloadable PDF here.

I started Money Hero because I love personal finance. Being financially disciplined, budgeting, saving, all of it. But the best part of personal finance has got to be making more money. Who doesn’t like to get paid?

So that’s why I put together this guide for you on easy ways to make some side money in your spare time.

Many of these tips can be done very easily, with little to no commitment from you. And some of them will take some serious time and effort, and maybe even a small financial investment. But hey, sometimes it takes money to make money.

All of them will help you to bring in some spare cash.

Whether you’re looking to start a legitimate business or are just hustling on the side for some extra spending cash,